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Post  Law62 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:44 pm

I don't mean to impose my will on anyone, most if not all are going to do whatever you wish and ignore this, but the question is posed of exactly why we do what we do?

It is an easy way out to respond with nothing other "Because it's fun", "Because this is what I'm good at", but at the end of the day, you're the people who became imbued after witnessing an extrodinary event...likely after observing an attack, or someone attempting to attack you.

With that said, in that moment you were chosen by a higher power or whatever you believe in, to step away from your every day common life and change the world.
I would say it's a fact that we can all agree on in that we're hunting the evils that should not exist.

If it is fair and reasonable to say we were chosen by something beyond us to hunt evil forces, then it is also reasonable to agree that we were chosen defend goodness, namely being our right to exist and to preserve or better our race.

For some of the more experienced hunters, I can only imagine the horrible things you have dealt with has caused you to deter from that path. Therefore, for the sake of remembering, let us define evil.

I would have to say the evil we fight can be defined as any kind of being that has developed special abilities and uses said supernatural talents to place themselves in a position of alleviated status that enables him or her to alter our world to dire ends.

For some of you, it may be your call to hunt evil based on the potential for evil--that all with darker abilities are to be hunted and killed, because they have potential to kill.

For some of you, it may be your call to watch closely and guage a situation after viewing the facts, then actively hunt based on your judgement.

And for others, it may be your call only to observe and wait until a misdeed is attempted, and protect those in immediate danger.

My point is not to analyze your calling to the hunt, or the reasons to why you carry on, but my point is to remind you that you too have supernatural talents, and please remember that your actions have a great effect on the world around you. If my point is still unclear then allow me to explain in a final point:

You discover a vampire resides in a local apartment building, and your first impulse is to blow it up.

I will start to commend you on your recognition of evil in this situation, yes a vampire is a bad thing, and yes a vampire should die...
but after the building crumbles down, what happens to the parent of the child? Or the brother, or the daughter who discovers the truth of a loved one's demise?

"So when he or she comes after me I will simply kill them too!" Is likely your response, and is greatly expected by the more experienced hunters. Though, I hope that with all of your experience you would know that the real world is not so simple and easy...

The loved one is then taken advantage of by the vampire you killed and he or she believes they have a common understanding, the end result being that you have a human undetected by us, and able to operate at any time of day, assisting other vampires.

Our purpose then takes two steps backward, and this is only a small example, but some of you have been at this for years.

Please remember that we are not hunting for the opportunity to decide how the world ends, we hunt because we are trying to preserve or better it.

On a final note, if we have been granted special talents or abilities that indeed does give us an advantage, please do not allow yourself to become what we hunt because of your incapability of asking 'why', to simply say "Because it's fun" or "Because it is what I'm good at" only squanders your intelligence, you rob yourself, and you slowly become one of them.


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