Investigating the Tricatti

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Investigating the Tricatti

Post  BlackThorn51 on Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:41 pm

The Tricatti family in Boston is well known as a crime family. To the imbued it's also known as a den of blood sucking Vampires. Currently Old Man Tricatti is running for mayor and is in town until Saturday. My companions and I have dealt with the Tricatti and Cavelli families in the past, at their various clubs and underground casinos. One of Rock's 'business' associates called him to cancel this weeks shipment. He said there was a "private-party with a different taste."

We believe the party is tonight and we are investigating it. With Rock's funding, I intend on entering and trying to use my skill at gambling to work my way to the top. Hopefully I can get close to the old man and learn more about his syndicate. Law is entering as well on her own. We'll be leaving in a few hours for it. I'll make an update on our progress when I get back.

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