Defining "The Word"

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Defining "The Word"

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:56 pm

The Word is a term we, the imbued use to describe a language that only we can understand. None of us played a part in the creation of this language and yet, each and every of the Imbued knows it fluently from the moment of their awakening. The Word is a series of symbols, each with its own individual meaning.

The hunter symbol language must be one of the greatest tools we have in banding together for the hunt. If ours is the "Information Age," imagine what we could be capable of with a secret language taught to us immediately and intuitively! Again and again we hear of imbued who meet simply because on of them displays a symbol. Surely the key to our future lies here. With a few reports of some symbols such as Summoning being used to actually call to other hunters, it appears we only scratch the surface of the Word's potential. How many other symbols could prove more useful than we currently know.


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