The Imbued

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The Imbued

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:13 pm

There are others of us out here. We've all struggled with the horrifying visions and incomprehensible realities that you face. We've all had to come to grips with what we know, what we've witnessed and what we've become. I created this site in an effort to exorcise my own demons, to find a catharsis, but to also reach out to others enduring the same torture. You're welcome to join this list of peers, all of whom search for answers to what's real in the world -- how it is that we've lived our entire lives ignorant of the fact that monsters exist, that they control us and the world like puppets on a stage. We few on this list call ourselves the imbued -- a strange name, I know, but it seems to capture what everyone has reported of their personal experiences. Not long ago you were perfectly normal. Your life carried on as it always had. Times could be tough, money could be short, the future could look pretty damn bleak. Then, for some reason, some time recently, things changed. Accounts vary, but everyone on this forum has reported events along these lines: A voice entered your head. It sounded like your own, or maybe like the Word of God itself. Or maybe you were reading a newspaper or billboard and for a fleeting moment the words changed right before your eyes. The message was mysterious but emphatic: "DO NOT SUFFER IT TO LIVE." "DEATH WALKS AMONG YOU." "SAVE THIS ONE AND ALL WILL FIND SALVATION." Or, in my case, "INHERIT THE EARTH."

Perhaps you received no message, but found yourself in a dream, some kind of hallucination in which terrible things appeared and happened. Or you could have been assaulted by a piercing sound, overcome by a nauseating stench or stuck by a profound sense that someone was dancing on your grave. Whatever happened, that was just the beginning. The next moments were probably a blur, but all your senses were brought to bear on some kind of creature, maybe even two or more, that appeared out of nowhere or simply emerged from a crowd. You knew instinctively that this thing was not supposed to exist, that it was evil incarnate and that everyone in its vicinity was in mortal danger. You could not stand idly by. You could not simply gape. You had to do something! It may have been that you were not alone. Although many people in the area may have been oblivious to what you saw, others responded to it as you did. Apparently, a handful sensed the same thing you did. The crowd scattered at the commotion while you dove recklessly toward a creature you could not identify, yet you knew could not be abided. That's when you demonstrated The Power. By whatever means, you were imbued with strange abilities. Though you never did anything like it before, you could now deliver hammer blows. You could keep innocents from harm with a simple command. You could look to the creature's very soul and know its innermost secrets. And you could do these things as easily as you closed your hand, spoke aloud or cast a piercing gaze.

When the red haze passed, the monster was driven off or destroyed, with no sign left of its existence. In that moment of realization you probably fled the scene and denied what happened. The truth is, you were "imbued," chosen. The clarity, the strength and the passion to see reality for what it truly is was granted or inflicted upon you. Curse or blessing, you life changed forever.

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