A death in South Boston

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A death in South Boston

Post  Irish621 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:52 pm

My death, will occur the moment the pack reaches this floor. They are coming for me. Before I die, I say this. I am the Man that Shot the Pope. It was my bullet, my gun, and my duty. The Pope was going to make a deal. The only deal is, the British leave, and we get our country back. Also I saw the Demon raised in SB. The bastard took my arm, and it's pack is coming for me. The demon came from the death of the Shapeshifter God45 tracked here. All those who wish my death will have it. All those who want vengeance will get it. But from me you get this, Martial Law in SB. Maybe if the government starts poking around, something will come of this. This city might yet be saved.


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