The Heralds

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The Heralds

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:24 pm

"I must be going insane," you probably thought after hearing voices, having hallucinations and pulling some bizarre stunts. You're not crazy. All of the imbued have heard the voices and seen the signs. We have labeled the source "Heralds" or "messengers," for lack of a better term, or simply to give the complete unknown some kind of familiarity. The Few of us who have found each other, whether through word of mouth, on the streets or through the Internet, disagree about who or what the Heralds are. The products of mass delirium? Collective unconscious lashing outward? God or some kind of deity? Aliens broadcasting to certain people? A government plot to manipulate us and make us weapons? Or our own subconscious minds responding to the anxieties of the world or perhaps its end? No one knows. Yet the messengers seem real enough, given that we have all experienced them. General consensus on the Heralds and what they communicate holds that both are connected to our contact with monsters. Messages seem to come to awaken us to the existence of horrific creatures, ones we feel compelled to react to, and we're then somehow empowered with the tools to do so. Some imbued even claim to have repeated contact with the Heralds, to receive further messages warning of impending danger or confrontation with... what, the supernatural? Are the Messengers or Heralds the ones responsible for what we witness, and for our freakish abilities? Why do they choose us? What is our purpose? Why not explain themselves? Who are they? We don't know. All we can do is guess and hope we're right.

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