Our battle, "The Hunt"

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Our battle, "The Hunt"

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:42 pm

One of the prevailing questions that arises after you come to terms with what you've seen and what you've become is "Why?" "Why have I become this?" "What am I supposed to do?" Maybe the Heralds have a specific goal for us. Maybe the imbuing is completely random. Maybe we're supposed to decide our own fate. If your feelings and ethics are anything like mine, there can be only one purpose for our change. We can't be made to witness what we do, to possess the abilities we do and to have the knowledge we have without reason. There's too much coincidence involved for the change to be purely random. When I walk the street and see figures lurking in the shadows, picking people out like candy behind glass, my soul allows only one response: to fight back. I cannot sit idly by while innocent, unaware people are manipulated and slaughtered. I couldn't stand by the moment I was changed, and I can't do it now. Nor, probably, can you. You wouldn't have come in search of this site if you hadn't sensed some purpose. What you needed was reassurance that fulfilling that purpose was the right thing to do.

The members of this list call that purpose "The Hunt." We dedicate ourselves to learning the truth, and to stalking and perhaps destroying monsters. Of course, you don't have to be on some glorified mailing list to have made the same commitment. Before you arrived here, you might have accepted this imperative, too. "The hunt" simply means knowing that monsters are inherently wrong. It means finding them, shadowing them, learning about them and ultimately confronting them. Some hunters believe that creatures' destruction is the only answer. Others express concern that the monsters may be the products of people gone wrong, that killing them damns a soul. They hope (and fear) that some small glimmer of humanity lingers in these creatures and should be recovered if any good is to be accomplished. Your approach to the hunt is your own, something you have to rationalize according to your own sensibilities. But however you approach it, you must do what you believe is right in your heart, or the things we have to do may one day turn you into one of them.

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