Known Beast: Promethians

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Known Beast: Promethians

Post  BlackThorn51 on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:30 pm

Throughout my experiences as an imbued, I've encountered a few different types of creatures and monsters. Among them are constructs known as Promethians. These creations appear to be human in appearance, though they are merely a shell of a human. They seem to imitate life as nothing more than a construct or machine would. The three I've encountered seemed oblivious to all but the task they were created for. By use of my abilities I was able to see these creatures in a way that your average imbued or "hunter" (though I dislike that term). My sight allowed me to pin point their weaknesses almost as if I were reading a book. I glanced at them and a voice rang within my head saying, "The Blood Of The Machine." After several moments deciphering this riddle, I had Mother-Teresa use her stun gun on of of them. Instantly, the creature began to liquidate into a puddle of ooze. The other two died similarly.

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