An Update From Boston

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An Update From Boston

Post  BlackThorn51 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:45 pm

Tezriel is dead. We've stopped the ritual. The Horsemen have not risen this day and for as long as we are vigilant -- they shall not.

War erupted in the lock-down zone of Boston. We turned the park sprinkler system into Holy Water and rained hell on the Demon during the ritual. I stormed the gates in a stolen fire truck and crashed the hunk of metal into a large mob of Rots and Vampires. Law with the M16 I gave her, killed the acolytes. Balthazar, the Were-Dragon battled the Demon and was killed. Rock and I used our Colts to deliver the final blow to the hell-spawn.

Further Reading:

There is a new king of the Moon-touched tribes. Another Mokale and this one is not a supported of our species. Most of the were-creatures have moved on. Only a few remain in Boston.

The Undead in the Police Force have nearly all been killed during our battle.

A bald, black man has been shooting up my team. I'm not sure who he is but he put a bullet through Deklen's shoulder and he fired some rounds at me. I returned fire and he ran. I'm going to find this little cunt and put a .50 round into his skull. No one shoots my time but me. No one shoots at me and lives to tell.

We found an amulet containing a fragment from the HOLY GRAIL. Yes it exists and yes we have it.

One of my team members has made an open-ended deal with an Arcadian. The Fey must now die.

The fireman whom I knocked out and stole the fire truck from is wrong. I'm not sure what he is but he isn't human.

Deklen was killed in action by a vampire. We need a new Were House Lab Tech. Any takers?

After killing Tezriel, Rock and I noticed a red eyed figure in a doorway of a near-by building. I stuffed the building full of pipe bombs and sent it sky high. There was no sign of the man afterword. I doubt the bombs killed him.

Also, thank you Kodiak for helping me storm the gates. As always your assistance in our struggle was well placed and well received. Good work mate. Cheers.

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