The Rules of this (Game)Site

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The Rules of this (Game)Site

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:31 pm

The goal of this site is to enhance the playing experience of any Hunter:TR Games. Hopefully you have a knowledge of this game.

1. Each Table top game has it's own locale. Please see the registered Locations list to see what has been claimed.

2. Please do not step on someone's registered zone. This means no "I'm coming to xxxxxx" posts. Ask what is available to the players in the campaign VIA the StoryTeller.

3. Because we are sharing an environment, please limit your world ending campaigns. Limit your destruction to one locale. You may as a Storyteller decide to involve your PC's in a apocalyptic storyline, end of days style. Just resolve it in a fashion that allows some site integrity.

4. Posts on information to any and all hunters is legitimate. Please for those of you not playing in a game currently, provide support an a realistic environment for all the players.

Thanks, The Admins

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