Entry 9/16/2009

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Entry 9/16/2009

Post  Seven0 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:20 pm

Its funny really. The people around you, completely ignorant to the real world around them. Going about their business and their boring lives without ever taking notice to anything around them. If they see something, they go to the doctors and they are told that it was just some mental illness, given drugs and then go to therapy to talk about their parents beating them as a kid.

Public transit is amazing. All the people, all the innocent. Hell, even some supers. They know who I am and understand that I am going to kill them sooner or later, but they don't start shit on a bus because its too public. Greyhounds are worthless. They stink, they are dirty and crammed. Someone had the great idea to shit in the toilet, making the bus still to hell for the entire trip. Halfway to LA and Long Beach. I fucking hate Iowa, nothing to look at but corn and rolling fields of more corn.

Nothing to do on the bus. I try to sleep but my alertness won't allow it. I'm on edge, tense, coiled to strike at the first chance I get. I think back to what convicted me to the hunt. Not a pleasant memory, but a needed one.

I was about 15 when it happened. I was walking through the hood heading home from high school. It was a gray and rainy day, was either about to storm or it just had. The streets were dirty with rain water and the sidewalks were not so clean either. I had this girl on my mind, we were supposed to see a movie that night, then head to my place for some "alone time". She was a solid ten, pretty face, nice tits, and an amazing ass...wonder if she is still alive...Walking down the alley and I hear a woman scream. Not that unusual in that neighborhood. But something was different about this time, the screams were terror...complete and absolute terror. I drop my backpack and move to where the screams were coming from. I made it to another alley, just one over from me. I duck down to take cover behind a dumpster, and I see this thing rending the flesh from her bones. It was pale and covered with blood, some of its face (if you could call it that) was missing and the other part was just stitched together. One arm was shorter than the other and it had a peg leg. It stank worse then death itself. It pulled the arms from the woman and proceeded to violate her in ways that would frighten any mortal.

I was frozen in fear. I didn't know what to do. I pissed myself. Then something like words printed themselves on the dumpster in front of me. "Save Her" it said. My instant thought was "How?". There was a metal bar behind the dumpster, I took it in hand with renewed clarity. I ran out swinging frantically. I know I hit it, the sound rang true. It started to rain again. Lightning and thunder called out in the air. I swing again, another *clang* rings through the alley. Again! Clang! Again! Clang! Again! Clang!! I stood, breathing like I just ran a marathon, covered in blood and viscera. My mind and vision clears and I see it laying at my feet in a pool of it's and the woman's blood. She lay there, almost on the brink of death. I run up to try to help her, and she whispers softly, "Thanks.....". I could almost see her last breath leave her, and her soul depart to the afterlife...

I sat there in the rain for several minutes before what happened truly clicked in my head.

We are not alone.


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