Prologue "Inherit The Earth"

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Prologue "Inherit The Earth"

Post  Witness1 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:47 pm

That was the first thing they said to me, the first time I was "contacted." In that moment a horrendous revelation befell me. The world was not what it had always seemed. The life I'd led had been an illusion. My job, my family, my dreams, they were all deceptions. All the reassurances that my parents and then society made -- were a lie. What happened to me? What am I talking about? It all comes down to this: Monsters are real. They exist. I've seen them. I don't mean "people can be monsters," or "the human dark side is monstrous" or "society creates its own monsters." That's all bullshit. I mean walking and in some cases living creatures, neither man nor nature, exits, hide in the shadows and prey upon people. When you were a kid and afraid of things under your bed or outside your window, you were right to be scared. They were there, watching, waiting. As we grew up, we just turned a blind eye in a subconscious effort to remain sane, to refuse to believe that creatures prowled the night. They do. I don't expect you to believe me. Most people who visit this site write me off as a crackpot. That's fine: they couldn't understand if they tried. Their minds' own defenses and the influence that have been imposed upon them for so long won't let them believe. Better that they visit another site. For those of you who understand, who've seen what I've seen, who know what I know... you have my condolences. We're trapped between people who shout us down, think us mad or turn their backs and the very creatures responsible for it all -- the hideous things we must face every day and every night.


But let me back up a bit, to assure you that you're among friends. I know what you're going through. You can't look anywhere without seeing something that tears at your very soul -- a grotesque walking corpse, a shambling man-beast, a person you know to be dead, or some kind of spirit clinging to an unwitting person's body. They hide or stroll among us, unnoticed by everyone. They pick and whose who to kill and who to spare, who to save for later and who to devour now, and we have --or had -- no idea it was ever happening. But now we see it all the time, and the people we see poised to become victims won't listen. They refuse to believe us. And then, there they go, off to their doom.

Let me guess: your family wonders what's wrong with you. Coworkers avoid you these days because you're "unstable," or "acting weird." Maybe your already fired. It's hard to keep a job when you attack a "colleague." Of course, no one believed you when you explained what she really was. But then she knew you were on to her... Perhaps you've been arrested for assault or weapons charges. Not even the police believe your stories, what your victims really are, or why you attacked them. They want you in a cell or committed, where they, and other things, have you in within reach. Sound familiar? Then here's probably the most relieving thing you've read in some time: You've been right all along. You're not insane. There are others like you. You've found us. The bad part is, being sane and right means that everything you've witnessed, everything you've feared, is real. Monsters exist.

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