Aspiring ST's and Seasoned Game Masters

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Aspiring ST's and Seasoned Game Masters

Post  Witness1 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:39 pm

This Forum was built by myself(Murphy) and the Kyle James. Anyone who wants to host a game and needs access to book NPC's logins for responses to their players please ask and ye shall receive. I have used God45 in my campaign as kind of a fear tactic for my players. We only ask that you stick to your jurisdictional ground. Example: Harry always ran upstate new york. So hosting a game there would be to step on his toes. I run south boston. and other have their own domains. Please Just check the Forums to decide where you wish to host a game and try not to step on any toes.

We welcome the active use of this forum by PC's and ST's alike. Remember that postings are not just limited to the imbued. Use this site as a tool.

And as always, Good gaming.

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