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Post  BlackThorn51 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:29 am

"Today, police responded to a call from one of their own who claimed to be getting 'stalked' by a man in a black ford ranger. Shortly after the officer called in this suspician, a gun shot was reported in the area where the officer was last patroling. Squad cars searched the area and found only the smoking uniform of the now, missing officer. The black ranger was spotted outside of the precinct a few minutes later. Officers approached the vehicle, hoping to find their missing patrolmen, when the driver made a break for it. He wrecked into a police cruiser and before the officers present could respond, an explosion went off behind the ranger. Officers gave chase, but lost sight of the Ranger. The Police Helicopter reported spotting the vehicle entering a parking garage. Moments after, a Rocket Propelled Grenade was reported impacting the side of the garage, nearly hitting the helicopter. Following the first explosion, a second, smaller explosion went off from within the car garage. Both suspects fled the scene and their location is currently unknown.

The suspected driver of the Ford Ranger is an Irish National by the name of Brian Casey and his suspected accomplice is a Hispanic Woman named Marina Gonzales Esteban Pedro Enriqe Smith. Police advise that if you see either of these people, that you keep your distance. They are considered armed and extreemly dangerous. Marina is also suspected of having involvement in the Crystal's Cafe Shoot-Out just last week. Both are suspected of several counts of assult and arson. Again, if you see them do not approach. They are considered armed and extreemly dangerous."

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