Entry 9/15/2009

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Entry 9/15/2009

Post  Seven0 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:47 am

What the fuck did they do to me?

All I remember is hearing something at the door, pulling out my boom stick, not even bothering to look through the peep hole and emptying a few shells into the hallway via the closed door.

I woke up in the hospital.

What the fuck happened?

Fucking wake up, not remembering what put you in here with tubes, needles, cables and all sorts of shit coming out of you in places that would make even the most stern Judge blush. Word of advice, don't pull that shit out by yourself...it hurts. Badly.

The best part? I finally got their attention. Finally. After so many years of my work going unnoticed by the things it was supposed to affect, they are scared of what I can do and what I know.

Got back to my safehouse to find it thrashed. I fucking hate moving. But there is only one thing to do in this case, burn the place and move on. Hopefully this time it won't end up being a run down apartment building with utilities that barely work. God, I fucking hate moving.

I think I'll head out to the west coast. Heard some rumors through the grapevine about some interesting activities out in Long Beach. I've been here far too long, I need a change. Plus I have a couple of leads that connect what I think is going on there with some of the groups here. Also with a not so sneaky attack on me, I think skipping town for a few months would be the best thing to do.


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